Why My HP DeskJet Printer Says Offline Windows 10 and MAC

HP DeskJet Printer Says Offline

HP DeskJet Printer Says Offline Problem Windows 10 & MAC

HP DeskJet printer offline error is very much common among the printer users. This is the problem caused mainly for the improper establishment of the connection between the printer and the computer or the printer driver is either got corrupted or is not compatible with the printer and it needs some updates. Whatever may be the issue, you can resolve it by following some simple steps which will take much less of your effort and time. 

Step to Fix HP DeskJet Printer Says Offline Problem

Solution 1: To see the connection is properly established or not steps are given as under

  1. Check the USB cable is properly connected to the computer.
  2. See whether the other point of the USB cable is connected well to the wall socket.
  3. Check the wireless router is working properly or not.
  4. Now check the computer is connected to the same wireless network on which you are working.
  5. Assure that you have entered the right password for the network and the computer is working well on it.
  6. Try to check you have rightly connected your printer to the wireless network or not.

To make it easier, instead of checking, you can reset all the connections properly.

Solution 2: To troubleshoot your printer problem

  1. Go to the start button.
  2. Search for the troubleshooting in the search box.
  3. Click on hardware and sound.
  4. Select the printer option there.
  5. Click ok to confirm the troubleshooting.
  6. You will get a list of problems for which your HP DeskJet printer shows offline error.
  7. Click to troubleshoot all of them.

Solution 3: To update the HP DeskJet printer driver

  1. Go to the web browser.
  2. Search for www.123.hp.com
  3. Type the name and model number of your printer.
  4. Then click on the update button next to download.
  5. Now check whether your offline problem has been resolved or not.

If following these resolutions for HP DeskJet Printer Offline error message you are unable to resolve your issue or you are facing any other printer problem you can directly contact our technical expert team on our DeskJet printer support toll-free number which is available 24 hours for you. Whether you are having installation or setup related problems on any model of HP printers our Expert Technicians will always assist you in the best possible ways.

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