How To Setup Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printer?

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Setup Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printer

Setup Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printer

Method of WPS Connection

1. Turn the printer ON.

2. For a few seconds, press and hold the [Wi-Fi] button on the front of the printer.

3. Wait for this button to begin flashing blue, then go to your access point and hit the [WPS] button within 2 minutes.

4. Please refer to the access point guide for specific instructions on pushing the WPS button.

5. While looking for or connecting to an access point, the printer’s (blue) Wi-Fi lamp will continue to flash. The blue lamp will stop blinking and remain illuminated once the printer has successfully connected to your wireless network.

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Confirmation of network settings

You can printout out your printer’s network settings to confirm that it is effectively connected to your wireless connection:

  1. Check to see if your printer is turned on.
  2. Load a sheet of ordinary A4 or Letter-sized paper.
  3.  Push and hold the [Resume/Cancel] switch until the power lamp flashes six times, then let go.
  4. The page with network information will be printed.

Steps of the Standard USB Connection Method for Mac and window

Step 1

1. Put and run the setup CD that came with your printer.

Users of Windows – If the “Setup CD-ROM” does not start automatically, insert the CD-ROM into the computer again, go to [My Computer], select the CD-ROM, and double-click [MSETUP4.EXE].Users of

Users of Macs – Double-click the [Canon IJ] icon that has appeared on your desktop. When the selection window appears, pick [SETUP] to begin the software download link.

Please download the manuals and software to proceed if you do not have the installation CD that came with your product.

  1. When the introductory screen opens, press the [Next] button.
  2. Choose [Wireless Connection] as your connection method.
  3. Turn your printer ON that the power lamp is lit, and then clicks [Next].

Step 2

  1. Select [Connect to a network].
  2. On the subsequent page, click [Wireless Setup Using the USB Cable].
  3. Select your region and then click [Next] when the next screen opens.
  4. Select your language and then click [Next] when the next screen opens.
  5. Select the software you want to install and then click [Next] when the next screen opens. If you are unsure about which software to install at this time, don’t panic; you can always uninstall it later if necessary.
  6. On the following screen, click [Yes] to accept the end-user licensing agreement.
  7. When the following screen opens, press the [Next] button.

Step 3

  1. Connect your printer to your computer using the included USB cord when the following screen appears. The cable with the sign on the connection is seen here.
  2. The following screen will appear once your printer has been discovered. The name of the access point to which your computer is connected will be displayed (where “XXXX XXXXXXXX If this is the wireless network to which you want your printer to join, select [Yes].
  3. Disconnect your printer from your computer and click [Next] when the following screen shows.
  4. Nest window will show the model of your printer as well as the name (or SSID) of your wireless network.


  1. How to Factory Reset Canon Pixma Pro 100?

First, make sure the printer is turned on. Now is the time to remove all of the papers from the paper input cassette. Hold down the resume button and let go when the power light flashes 15 times. As a result, your printer’s initial settings have been restored. After you’ve completed the reset, reinstall the printer. Change the settings on the ‘IJ Network Tool,’ then load papers into the input cassette and replace the ink cartridges.

  • How to Setup Canon 100 AirPrint?

Check that your printer and device are both on the same network. Turn on your Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printer. Tap the app’s Operation Icon on your Apple device. Select the print icon from the menu selections. Printer options may not be displayed if you use the app to choose a model. Choose the print option and provide the system name. To pick the required number of copies or 1 copy, click the + or – sign. Enable the duplex printing option if necessary. Connecting a Canon Pixma Pro 100 to a Computer To configure or connect the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer to your computer, use the USB cable connection option. Make sure the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer is turned on Download the printer driver and double-click it to finish the installation. Select the USB cable connection and remove the USB cable from the printer box. Connect one end of the USB wire to the USB port of the printer. Connect the other end of the USB wire to the computer’s USB port.

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