Get Simple Steps to Install HP Printer Driver on Windows 10

Install HP Printer Driver on Windows 10

A printer driver is something which any printer cannot function without. It is essential, among the many things which you need for a printer to operate, that you also get a printer driver downloaded. However the manner in which the printer driver software is obtained happens to be different for several companies as well as brands. Sometimes it is downloaded off a CD which you receive at the time of purchase of the printer itself.

However, interestingly, in the case of the HP printers, what mostly happens is that you have to go to a website to download the printer driver for yourself. The steps to do this are easy and have been elaborated clearly in the given article below. Do peruse the options given as follows and look at them for the aforesaid knowledge.

Step to Install HP Printer Driver on Windows 10

  1. Prior to following the steps for installing the printer driver for your HP printer, make sure you have done these basics and have it in order. Put out the printer properly once you take it out of the box, keep it safely. And put all the plates and other attachable objects in order too.
  2. After this, what you have to do is then move on to the software part of the printer. For this, go on to the website which is the website. Here on, wait for the webpage to load and you will have the home screen show up.
  3. On the screen which is in front of you, there will be a bar which will give you the option to type in the name of your HP printer. Go ahead and follow this, type in the name of your HP printer.
  4. What this does, is that it gives you the download link for the printer driver software for that printer. Which is also why you have to make sure you type in the name of the printer in the correct way and only then move forward. Because the incorrect software could get downloaded and also cause problems for you.
  5. After you have done this, then click on download and give it some time while the software gets downloaded on your device too. make sure you keep following until it is done.
  6. After it has been downloaded and saved, then you have to click on it to find a series of dialog boxes show up on the screen in front of you. These will be certain permissions which are required when you have to install the software.
  7. Make sure you click on these and then the installing process starts to happen. This will take a little bit of time as well. However once the installing it over, then you can go on to check if the printer is working properly.
  8. Conduct a few test print runs to check whether or not the printer is working properly. Then you can continue to use it as you like.

WPS Pin on HP Printer

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