HP Wireless Printer Setup with Certified Technicians

HP Wireless Printer Setup

HP Wireless Printer Setup allows us to print our documents as an ease from any convenient place and work from any convenient location.

As no cable is associated with the HP Wireless Printers, this increases the efficiency of the printers and the growth of the business.

But be assured that your computer and your HP Wireless Printer are connected to a same network. Most of the Printers have not inbuilt wireless functionality, so be assured that your printer is capable of connecting to a network wirelessly.

Stuff Requires Before HP Printer Wireless Setup

I. It is very needed to have a computer with a wireless connectivity feature. If your computer has a wireless network card, only then you can do HP Wireless Printer Setup. If your computer system has not a wireless network card, then you can’t do HP Printer Wireless Setup; it is advisable to visit your nearest local computer store to find a suitable network card according to your needs.
II. Setting up your router is the next important thing. Be assured that all the devices are working correctly, and the router is not compliant. If your router is compliant, then you might have to face some unnecessary issues.
III. Be sure to use the software that came with your printer and your router to setup the entire process correctly. It is almost impossible to do HP Printer Wireless Setup without using this software. This software allows you to fulfill your requirements and helps you to resolve your issues that can arise during the installation of a device.

HP Wireless Printer Setup Automatically

HP Wireless Printer Setup Automatically
I. Be assured that your network and your computer system are both compatible. Your computer system and your network must require these configurations to use the HP Auto Wireless connect feature:

a. Your computer’s operating system must run on the later version of the Windows Vista, or later Macintosh, and OS X 10.5 Leopard.

b. Your computer must be connected to an 802.11 b/g/n wireless router with a 2.4 GHz frequency configuration. HP Printers are not supportable over the network 5.0 GHz frequency configuration.

c. The Wireless Network must have the accessibility to control the operating system of your computer.

d. It is essential to have a wireless connection between your computer’s operating system and the router.

e. Your computer system should not have a static IP address, your computer system most likely to have a dynamic one.

II. Visit the URL https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/ and find a suitable driver for your printer’s model number. Click on download to download the driver.

III. By double-clicking on the driver file, it will redirect you to the printer setup process.

IV. If your HP Wireless Printer supports an “HP Auto Wireless Connect feature,” so Switch ON your printer and proceed towards establishing a connection.
Note: This setting will only be available for at most two hours.

V. Proceed with on-screen instructions. These instructions can vary according to the HP Wireless Printer’s model number and operating system of your computer.

VI. Select the “Network (Ethernet/Wireless)” option, which will be visible in the middle of the page.

VII. By clicking, “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer,” it will search for your available wireless printer and send the broadcast network’s information to your printer.

VIII. Wait for a while for establishing a connection between your HP Wireless Printer and your computer system, as connection establishes, you will see a confirmation message on your computer’s screen.

IX. Complete the rest of the setup on your computer system by proceeding on-screen prompts. When the setup is completed, you are ready to go to use your HP Wireless Printer.

HP Printer Wireless Setup Manually

I. Most of the HP Wireless Printers came with installation CDs; if you did not get a one, then connect your HP Wireless Printer to your computer system with the help of a USB cable and allow your computer to install the printer’s driver.

II. Switch ON your HP Wireless Printer, but be sure that your printer is connected to a power source before pressing the Power button of the printer.

III. Newest HP Wireless Printers are coming with touch screens folded out or attached separately on the printer.

If your printer doesn’t have the support of the touch screen, then you can only connect your HP Wireless Printer to the wireless network through the software setup process.

If your printer is already installed, then you have to uninstall it and then reinstall the printer to connect the printer to a wireless network.

IV. Select the “Setup” option on your computer’s screen. This option’s look and location can vary according to the printer’s model number, but most of the time, its look is characterized through a gear or a wrench.

a. You need to scroll right or to the left to find the setup option.
b. If you find a “Wireless” option instead of “Setup” option, so select the wireless option.

V. In order to open the “Wireless” settings, select the “Network” option.

VI. Select on the “Wireless Network Wizard,” which will instruct the printer to search the available wireless networks.

If you find a “Wireless Setup Wizard” option instead of “Wireless Network Wizard,” so select it, it doesn’t make any difference.

VII. Select the name of your wireless network on your printer’s screen.

If you didn’t assign a name to your wireless network while setting it up, then you can see a combination of your router’s model number and manufacturer name on the printer’s screen.

Still, you didn’t find your wireless network, then scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the field there, and feed your Wireless Network’s Information.

VIII. Enter the password of your Wireless Network. It is a regular password that you used to log onto your wireless network.

If your router supports WPS, then you can hold it for three seconds instead of feeding a password.

IX. Select the Done option to save the credentials, and then the printer will attempt to connect to the Wireless Network.

X. Select “OK” when prompted. Now, you are ready to go to use your HP Wireless Printer.

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