Is Your HP Printer Saying Offline, fix it now

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HP Printer Says offline

HP Printer Says Offline

Does your HP printer show an offline error? Then there might be a number of reasons because of which it happens. A wireless network or USB cable built a relationship between the computer and the printer. If the connection interrupts in any way then the printer offline error shows on the display of the computer.  

All you need to do at first is to connect the printer either with wire or wirelessly and also ensure the connectivity between the two. If a connection cannot be established then there must be some issue with the printer or the connection processes. These could be of the problem with the wire or with the driver or anything else. That is you should have to assure first that what is the reason for the problem and then after you should proceed to the steps accordingly.

Among the other reasons the most variant is the internal issues that cause the wireless network printer offline even after every connection you have made seems to be all right. The offline error can also cause by the disconnection of the computer from the wireless printer. In that situation, you need to clean the print job to fix the printer offline problem. Another cause of the issue is the printer driver error which is due to either the up-gradation of the computer operating system or due to the incompatibility of the driver into the computer. In that case, you need to uninstall the driver and try to reinstall it by providing all the desired appropriate answers for the questions.

Technical Support for Printer Offline Error

If your HP printer says offline error, then it is the most annoying factor for the printer users as it creates hazards in the way of printing. As we all know how printer is important for everyone today as it not only makes our work easy and convenient but also enhances our workforce. That is the reason, nowadays almost everywhere this device is used at the most. There are numerous reasons for which the HP Printers Show Offline but all these reasons can be easily resolved by the users themselves with some professional guidance only.

Reasons for the Occurrence of HP Printer Offline Error

  1. Print Spooler error: If your printer goes to sleep mode then the printer may show an offline error message. This can be resolved by restarting the print spooler option on the computer and wake the printer up from the sleep mode.
  2. Printer driver error: When the printer driver that you have installed for your printer, you may face the printer offline problem on your computer. This is caused due to either if the operating system of the computer is updated and the printer driver becomes incompatible to the computer. In that case, the best you can do is, just update your printer driver to resolve the offline error of your printer.
  3. Connection error: When the wire or the wireless network is not properly connected with the printer then the printer offline error occurs. You can simply resolve it by resetting all the printer connections and then check whether your offline error message is resolved or not.

Why my HP Printer Says Offline?

When the HP Printer Says Offline error it means that your computer is unable to communicate with the printer, and due to which the printer cannot work for you. It has become a very obvious issue among the printer users and can cause by a number of factors. The most common reason for the occurrence of the issue is the printer may not be properly connected to the computer or the wired connection is loosened.

Printer Offline Support

If your HP printer is showing the offline problem and if you want to resolve it instantly then you can simply do it by rebooting or troubleshooting your printer. When you troubleshoot your printer it shows the different existing problems with your printer and accordingly you can proceed to further troubleshooting processes. It works both for wireless or wired printers as well as any model of HP printers. The printer offline issue is very effective and if not resolved as early as possible then it may cause further problems to the printer.

How to Resolve if the HP Printer Shows Offline

Offline issues with the printer are the most common problem that the printer users often face. There are a number of reasons responsible for the offline occurrence of the printer. If there are minor problems like the connection error then it can be fixed by oneself easily otherwise you need to take professional assistance in order to resolve printer offline error.

Here you can do when your HP printer is offline

Troubleshoot the system: To troubleshoot the printer you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Click on the start option
  2. Search there for troubleshooting.
  3. Select the hardware and sound there.
  4. Then go to printer option.
  5. Click OK to confirm the troubleshooting.

Restart your printer and try to print to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Reset the connection: If you are facing offline problem because of the connection error, then you can follow the steps below:

  1. Check the USB cable is properly connected to the computer.
  2. Then check if the USB cable is connected properly to the wall socket or not.
  3. Now if you have a wireless network printer then check whether your wireless router is connected and working properly or not.
  4. Type the right network name and password for the wireless network.
  5. See the wireless connection setting of your printer.
  6. For better results, you just disconnect all the connections and try to reset them.
  7. Turn off the printer and wait for a few minutes.

Then restart your printer and try to print.

Reset the Printer Spooler Error: To reset your printer spooler on your computer you can follow the steps as under:

  1. Press the window +R button at the same time.
  2. Search for services.msc on the search box.
  3. Search for the print spooler option given on the right hand side of the display.
  4. Right click on the option.
  5. Restart the print pooler.

Restart your printer and try to print.

Change the Printer Setting: Sometimes because of the improper printer setting also the offline error problem occurs. It can be resolved using the following phenomenon:

For Windows/Mac

  1. Click on the start button.
  2. Search for the devices and printers option from the control panel. If you have a Mac computer then you need to choose printers and scanners option from the apple menu.
  3. Click on the printer icon that you are using.
  4. Click on the printer option given on the top of the dialogue box.
  5. Then uncheck the marks given beside the “pause printing” and “use printer offline” option.
  6. Then restart the printer and try to print.

To update the printer driver: If all other steps fail to get your printer back from offline mode then there must be an error with the printer driver which can be resolved by updating the printer driver. For that you can follow the steps hereunder:

  1. Go to the official website of HP that is
  2. Enter the name and model number of your printer.
  3. Click on update option next to download.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
  5. Once the task is over, turn on the printer if it is not already turned on.
  6. Try to print and see whether the offline error is resolved or not.

How to Bring Offline Printer back to Online

As already emphasized that there are a number of reasons because of which the offline problem occurs with a printer, but these problems can be resolved by one’s own. Although sometimes it needs expert assistance to overcome the problem, this guidance will thus help you to overcome your problems. Following the above-mentioned issues and the steps for its resolution you might get relief from the HP printer offline problem.

But the most important thing before going to resolve the issue, you need to install and download the HP print and scan doctor. This software helps to diagnose the problem with the printer so that accordingly you can resolve the issue efficiently. This is because unless and until you know the exact cause of the problem, you cannot resolve it and you have to leave vow in the air. But this software will help you to know your problems as well as the cause of the problem and thereby search for its fixation.

Get the Printer Offline Technical Support

We are offering the most suitable printer support solutions for any of your problems with the printer in the easiest and informative way. All our team of technicians is having the best technical knowledge and expertise. You just need to share your problems with the printer and they will assist you in the most possible way to resolve it instantly.

The technical support is the professional support that helps you to fix your issues in the most possible ways by addressing your problems with the printer. If your HP printer is offline and you are not able to fix then only a technical support team will help you to overcome your problem. Get the technical support when the printer shows an offline error with just a single call to our printer offline toll-free customer care phone number.

As we have already emphasized that there are many reasons for which your computer displays the status of “HP printer is offline” error. These reasons may include printer spooler error, improper connectivity to the printer, HP printer driver issue, improper setting of the printer, etc. These are the problems that can be faced by any printer user. If you are also one of them, then feel free to get the instant printer assistance from us as we are here 24 hours to give you the most suitable solution based on your needs and requirements for your printer.

Printer Offline Support Toll-Free Number

You can get all your printer offline support solutions from us by just dialing our printer support customer service Toll-Free Number which is available 24 hours for your service. Our technicians are always available to assist you for any of your printer related issues such as HP printer offline, installation or setup related issues. They will give you the solution of your requirement from anywhere and also at any time. Moreover, you also need not have spend too much of your money on it as we are not concerned about money but for bridging the gap with all our customers and clients from all over the world. Our technicians and customer care officials are available thus 24 hours to resolve even your greatest problems with the ‘printer offline’.

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