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HP Printer Error Code List

The full list of common HP LaserJet printer error codes with the impeccable solutions have been mentioned below in this article.

Error Code 49

This error code takes place when the communication failure occurs between computer and printer device. This kind of error can put your printer in a loop. Thus, step by step fixing of this error code 49 is given below:

  • One possibility of getting this error can be the messed-up printer queue. Thus, clearing the printer queue can resolve the issue.
  • You can opt for a cold reset. This will reset all the factory settings.
  • Installing the latest printer drivers can also solve the error code.

Error Code 303

Whenever there is any issue with the hard drive, the chances of this kind of error code are quite common. Thus, it is recommended to keep an eye on the hard drive for any faults. The same goes with the platter as well as any issue with the platter as it can also lead to hard drive defects, or damage. It can also be responsible for dead hard drive. Thus, replacing the hard drive can be one solution of fixing this kind of HP Printer Error Code.

Error Code 79

The error code 79 in HP printers indicates either a corrupt print job or an outdated printer software. If you are also facing the same issue, don’t worry much, as this error code can be easily resolved. All you need to do is to updating the printer software as per the latest version available on the official website of HP printers. It is advisable to restart both your computer system and your printer so that the new changes can be applied and now you are all set to print again.

Error Code 30

In maximum of the cases, the printer error code 30 occurs to indicate that the printer is not activated besides being connected perfectly to the power outlet as well as to the computer system. If this is the case you have, the issue is quite straight and can be easily understandable. The problem is with the printer drivers. The best solution to get rid of this error code in HP printers is to install the updated version of the printer drivers. You can go to the control panel of your computer system and search for your printer, now make it uninstall. Now, search for the HP printer drivers that is present on your computer system and uninstall that too. Now, disconnect the printer from your system and then you have to reconnect it back. Now, go to the official website of printer manufacturer and enter your printer model number to get the latest and updated version of printer drivers. You can download it from here and can install it again by following the on-screen instructions.

Error Code 0x6100004a

In case of printer failure, paper jamming or low ink cartridge levels lead to this error code in HP printers. To remove this issue and get back to printing, firstly, you have to remove all the papers that stuck inside the printer. Next is to load a new paper set properly and appropriately to see if the problem has resolved or not. In case not, then you can turn the printer off and have to remove the ink cartridges. Now switch it on again and perform the hard reset. After the rest process completes, you can install back the ink cartridges and can start a print test.

Text Error Message A-Z The text error codes are extremely easy to rectify and resolve. The entire issue is mentioned in detail on the printer screen. Also, sometimes you will also find the solution in the text error message itself as it gives a clearance on the solution so that the entire process becomes completely hassle free.

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