HP Printer Driver is Unavailable on Windows 10

HP Printer driver installation

HP Printers are one of the good quality printers providing efficient printing services. They are dependable and produce large amount of work. However, one very common problem that sometimes arises in HP printers is that the driver is showing unavailability. You can follow certain steps to remedy this. The printer driver is an important part of the printer and it showing unavailable can hamper functioning of the printer. The printer driver needs to be present.

     What to do in case the HP printer driver is unavailable on Windows 10?

     1.    Install the printer driver again

A problem in the printer driver is a common cause for the HP Printer showing Offline on Windows 10. To fix this you need to remove your current printer driver and download the printer driver again. The steps to do this are very simple.

For starters you have to press the windows key and then click on R for the run option to function with it. Now you have to locate your printer. Make sure you find the correct printer typing with the model and type properly. Once you have done this, then click on uninstall driver. You could also look for Driver Easy and download that. Once you have this, then your updates for printer driver will be downloaded automatically with the help of this.

This is a recommended suggestion to install Driver Easy for better updates of printer driver on HP devices.

If you have the driver easy you have to scan and start the initiation process to look for the problem that has arisen. Any problems that exist will be shown to you relating to the HP printer driver being unavailable on Windows 10.

After this you have to click on the Update option on your driver easy. Note that even though for this you need the more advanced version of driver easy which is sealed by a pay wall but you will have the option to unsubscribe to it before a period of a month gets over.

Once this installation is done, you will get dialog boxes which will lead you on how to install the software updated version on your computer and printer.

Now to check whether or not the updated software is working, you will have to start your computer and conduct one printing exercise. After this, if the printer is printing effectively and functioning normally and the HP printer driver does not say unavailable on Windows 10, then you know that the updated version of the printer driver is now working. And you can now proceed to use your printer.

    2. Install the Windows updates which are available

In addition to updating the software updates, you could also need to install Windows 10 updates which are available. Once you click on the start menu you will need to look for the update option after that. Following this, make sure you click on the check for updates option inside it.

Once you have done this, Windows will automatically start installing the updates. Once all the updates have been downloaded, make sure that you only start the printing process after switching off all the devices and then switching them on again.

But say for instance if you are not using on Windows 10 but on Windows 7, then you can try and go to the start option. From here move on to the looking for updates option. Click on this button.

The updates will start downloading on their own. Now similar to the above process, you will have to restart all the devices and connect with them again to complete the install update on your Windows device.

This is more or less the whole process of fixing when HP Printer driver is not available on Windows 10. However in case of some serious error or problem that arises in your HP printer, then you can refer to the HP helpline, or even go to the website to help with specific related queries of your HP printer. There are also customer service executives available who come to people’s homes and help to set up the device and fix problems with their HP printer or printer drivers.

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