How to Setup HP Envy 5542 Wireless Printer?

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HP Envy 5542 wireless setup

The benefits of a wireless printer like the HP 5542 is many. These could be anything ranging from easily being able to connect with many more devices. You can also do printing runs from your phone, tablet and not only have one specific device connected to it. It also reduces the need for more wiring on the device, overall adding to the printer’s usage and benefit.

Another point to bear in mind about the HP 5542 wireless printer is that because most of its operation is dependent on how the printer setup is done, you need to make sure that a thorough job of setup is done for this device. Also ensure that you follow the steps given below to the last detail as it would also create a better printer experience for you.

Step to Connect HP Envy 5542 Printer to WiFi

  1. The basics which apply to each printer can work here as well. One has to start out by removing the printer from its box properly. Find a good location for the printer so that it is not disturbed in its vicinity by things which hinder the printing work.
  2. Among the starters, first connect and join the external hardware of the printer device and then move on to the software part. This also includes making sure you have attached the printing tray, which is usually separate from the device. One can also make sure they add enough ink on the device before moving on to the other steps.
  3. Now you can switch on the printer and then start using it. You must also feed the relevant details onto your printer. This will relate to anything from the printer settings to the language and other preferences on your printer device.
  4. Another thing to make sure to download is the driver software. This is something without which your printer will not run. So make sure you either get this from the CD itself or from the HP website by typing in the name of the printer correctly.
  5. Ensure you download the correct software because otherwise the device will not work with another printer’s software on it. Which is why this is an important component of the setup process.
  6. You will also have to check if your internet connection is solid and functioning. And then move on to connecting your printer to it. Now after this, if you can now you can continue printing from the device.

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