How to Remove HP Printer Error 79

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How to Remove HP Printer Error 79

The HP printer error 79 or service error 79 is an issue which is rather noticeable in HP printers nowadays. It is caused due to a number of issues which are illustrated ahead.

Usually it shows on the screen when the service error 79 has taken place. This can be visible on the display itself and you can make decisions accordingly.

  1. Now one of the first things you have to do in this case, and perhaps the simplest as well is that you should make sure to switch off the printer.
  2. Remove all the plugs and turn off the printer completely. Make sure it is done properly with the power source off as well.
  3. The printer basically has to be rebooted again to check if it starts working once this is done.
  4. In most cases this is enough to fix the problem with the printer. However if this does not manage to fix it either, then you can move on to the next step.
  5. A larger issue relating to the printer could be at hand if the rebooting did not fix the service error 79. This kind of error is usually caused when a printing error is happening relating to the printer document.
  6. You could try and divide the printing material into fragments and then print it. This could aid the process too.
  7. One major issue due to which printer error 79 happens is the fact that there is some printer software or hardware related issue which is leading to this. Make sure you get your device checked.
  8. A basic idea to avoid issues like this error is the fact that you need to check for updates regularly and download them.
  9. Another thing which could be hampering this is probably a connection issue relating to the printer and your computer device. So test whether the connect has been set up properly.

Conclusively; these steps could largely help you fix the HP printer error 79. However for more germane issues which could not be remedied through this, there is the option of customer care for HP.

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