How to Fix CD/DVD Drive Device Driver is Missing in My Laptop

Can I Fix CD/DVD Drive Device Driver is Missing in My Laptop

When you are installing an operating software, sometimes a dialog box might show the option that there is device driver missing on the laptop. However even though the screen shows that the problem may be happening on your device owing to a driver missing, this can be fixed. But there could also be more underlying issues which cause this error.

This article aims to cover how you can fix the device driver missing in your laptop, and expansively deals with the possible issues which could have led to this problem.

Their are few simple steps to Fix CD/DVD Drive Device Driver is Missing in My Laptop which are given below.

  1. A number of times it could happen that even though the driver has been placed it is still not being recognized by your computer or your laptop or other devices.
  2. The first thing which you can do in this case, is that make sure you remove the setup and then try to connect it again.
  3. If it helps, switch off the laptop and try to connect it by rebooting the laptop once again too. A lot of times the glitch gets fixed by this.
  4. Make sure that your laptop or device settings are in a manner which is enabling the driver to work.
  5. If this is not so, then change your settings now and ensure that the device driver is enabled.
  6. Then connect it again to check if it is being recognized by your laptop or computer software.
  7. For this you have to go to the device manager option on your device and then click on the option to check what your settings are currently.
  8. You can modify it accordingly and ensure that you have a functioning device driver on your laptop.
  9. You could also manually troubleshoot where the issue is arising by re-attaching or re-connecting the devices.
  10. But if it is still not recognizing your device drive, then make sure you check if the drive is not damaged.
  11. A lot of times if there is dust or the slot is not clean enough even then issues like this arise. So make sure you are taking care that the drive and slot are as clean as is possible for you to keep.
  12. If it is not, then ensure you clean up and then try to connect it. Then it will connect and even recognize the device driver on your laptop.
  13. The entire setup could be incompatible with your laptop or operating system if after repeated attempts it is still not connecting properly and there is no discernible error which is showing.
  14. In case of larger issues, or if the problem is still not resolved you could always contact the customer service for help.
  15. Professional troubleshooting of problem could help you in a better way too. If you have tried most things which you could but the issue has still not been fixed, then you can always opt for professional help.
  16. This will also reveal any larger issues which could be underlying.

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