How to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi?

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Connect Canon Printer to Wi Fi

Connect Canon Printer To Wi Fi

The good thing about a Canon Wireless Printer Setup is that it is so convenient. You could set it up almost any-where, it is a very versatile device like that. The only prerequisite is that you have a Wi-Fi connection. The Wireless Canon Printer setup also makes conducting any activity in a more efficient manner, and businesses must capitalize on this characteristic of the Canon Printer to save more time.

How do you connect your Canon Wireless Printer Setup?

For starters, check your PC for the requisite connections

You will first need to check if your computer enables you to establish a wireless connection. If it does not have the wireless network already installed, a card can be found at most local stores that deal with computers. It is basic and easy to procure.

Check whether other hardware, routers are functional

Adhere to the manual that came along with the wireless printer. Make sure that the router being used to establish the wireless connection is also functional, else it could cause problems later. You will also need an Ethernet cable to connect them.

Switch on your Printer

This will usually be with a push-button on the top. Use the touchscreen on your Wireless Canon Printer setup and head over to the Wi-Fi button on the panel of the printer. A light flash indicates whether the device is on.

The WPS method to establish connection

We will be demonstrating the standard method of establishing a connection, and the WPS method. The first three aforementioned steps remain common to both the methods. Here onward, they differ.

This is the WPS method of establishing a connection of your Canon Printer wireless Setup. Here, upon pressing the WPS button, the Wi-Fi light will keep flickering until it establishes a network connection to your wireless device.

Further, should you wish to confirm this connection with the wireless device, you could also print our details of the network settings of your printer for confirmation.

Now you rely on the installation CD that came along with the product. Should a CD not be given, one could also download the instructions and steps off the internet.

The Process to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi

1. The instructions here will be spelled out for not only Windows users but also Mac users. To Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi, firstly, put in the installation CD which came along with the product. If there is not CD available, then rely on the manuals and instructions downloaded. Several links will be available online.

2. In the screen that appears, Windows users will need to grant the requisite permissions, while the Mac users have to put in their password again.

3. After this, a screen appears asking for whether you want to establish a USB connection or to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi wireless connection. Here, you have to choose the latter option and proceed from there.

4. A dialog box appears which asks for requisite approvals to connect to the wireless setup.

5. In the setup procedure selection, there will be two options available: to connect with the WPS compatible access point or to connect directly over a Wireless Setup. Press the Wireless Setup option.

6. For your Wireless Canon Printer setup, now press the Wi Fi button so that the orange light flashes two times, and then release the button. Then make sure that the green power lamp is lit before you click on next and allow for the requisite permissions.

7. After this, the dialog box with the Setup configuration for your Canon Printer wireless Setup will appear. The name of your printer along with the details would be visible in the setup configuration box.

8. Once you click on ‘Complete’ here, the Wireless Canon Printer Setup would be concluded. You could, in this process, also look at the results of the setup.

Concluding Notes

  1. In the Standard method to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi, the process to connect with a Mac will be similar to the one described. For Mac, when the dialog box appears, click on ‘Add Printer’ from the ‘Setup’ menu.
  2. A list displays with the listed name of every printer device that the Mac has made a connection with. Choose the printer you wish to connect with, and this concludes the setup of the printer on your Mac. A dialog box will appear once the setup configuration is complete.
  3. For possible problems that could arise, check network connections, routers, connection of the network to the routers first.

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