How Can I Scan Without Scanner by Expert

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Can I Scan Without Scanner by Expert

Scanning is an important aspect of printing and conducting business. It is also sometimes used for purposes of a more domestic nature or for other chores. Usually the device which is used by people to do activities like scanning is by using the electronic scanner machine. It has a flatbed on top of the device on which the document which needs to be scanned is placed and then the data is fed into the computer.

However this is not the only way by which scanning can happen. There are also a few non-conventional ways by which you can scan your documents. A few of these options will be explored in the paragraphs given below.

  • Camera into PDF document

One way to scan even when you do not have a scanner is that you can take pictures of the document you want to scan and use an online software or a phone app to convert this into a PDF document. This makes it simple and easy to scan as well. One can scan documents from the privacy of their homes and in cases of urgency.

The good thing about using this is that you do not have to worry about the quality of the image either. So long as you have a phone with a working camera which makes the text seem legible, then you can finish the process of scanning your documents without the use of an electronic scanner.

  • Applications

A number of apps are available for Android, iOS and other devices which help you scan without using an electronic scanner. There are apps like Camscanner which help you take pictures of the documents necessary and scan it onto the computer or any other device as required. Apps like these are also fairly versatile as they can also translate the document into various types like PDF, MS word documents etc. These apps are mostly available for free as well, hence the scanning of the documents will not cost you anything either.

  • Software

The other thing that can be done is that a lot of software is available which will translate already saved documents into scanned ones. The good thing about using software like this is the fact that it is easy to email them, send them over to people, transfer them from place to place as well. More than anything, there will also be a saved copy of the documents whenever needed.

  • Other options

You can also use your other devices like tablets etc. to make sure you download similar apps and scan without the help of a scanner as well. Most devices will offer certain compatible software. Make sure you save your document in the format preferred as well.

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