How To Fix HP Printer That Prints Blank Pages?

HP printer prints blank pages

HP Printer Prints Blank Pages , Suppose click on the print button on your HP printer and it only gives you blank sheets of paper. This is a very frustrating issue that many HP users face. But before you take your printer to any printer repair shop you can try the following solutions to resolve this issue –

Check your Ink cartridge

If your HP Printer Prints Blank Pages continuously you must check if the cartridges are working properly. To check your cartridges you can follow the following steps –

  • Firstly you will need to check if you’re in cartridges are not clogged. if this is the case your printer will not function properly. If it is the only issue you find then you will just need to clean the ink cartridge from the printer control panel or you can do it manually as well.
  • Low or empty cartridges can also be an issue due to which your HP printer is printing blank pages. In this case, you will need to check the ink level of your printer and also replace the cartridge if necessary.
  • If you use defective cartridges or if the connection between the printer and the cartridge this week then you will also face a similar problem of blank pages. You can install your cartridge to solve this issue.
  • Please make sure that the cartridge is correctly placed and has ink in it then you should run a test print to check if your HP printer is properly printing, if the problem still exists then you can try the following.

Download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP print and scan doctor is the free tool that you can use to find the main problem of your printer issue. You can use these tools to troubleshoot your dysfunctional HP printer. You will need to follow the following steps –

  • Firstly you will need to download HP print and scan doctor from the HP support website.
  • Open the downloaded files and then follow very easy on-screen instructions to install the HP printer and scan the doctor on your device.
  • Run the HP printer and scan doctor applications.
  • Click on start and again follow on-screeninstructions that are very easy to resolve your printer problem completely.

If the problem still exists you can try the given method.

Update the printer driver

Drivers for the printer driver is a program that makes your computer and the printer attached and worked together. If the driver is not properly installed on the computer. Your printer will not be able to print it with full functionality and issues such as blank page printing occur very often. So updating the driver should be a very great option that you must try before going to the stores.

HP keeps on updating the printer driver. You can install them manually. To have the latest driver for your printer you will need to visit the HP support website and find the drivers that are ideal for the specific Windows version. You will also need to check the compatibility of it with your printer. After confirmation of the driver, you will need to download it and install it and the problem of printing blank pages will be resolved. Along with this, there is also the facility of auto-updating of the updates that are available for the driver. You will find this option in the driver setting and you will need to set this setting on auto-update. When any update for your driver appears then this option will directly download it and install it on your computer so that there are no issues due to older versions of the driver.

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