How to Fix HP Printer is Going Offline in Windows 10 – By Our Experts

Fix HP Printer is Going Offline in Windows 10

Fix HP Printer is Going Offline in Windows 10
Printers are a must for both on professional as well on personal levels. They have made our life so easy just by printing a variety of documents. But it seems like things your entire workflow stops if a printer stops working.
We have found thousands and thousands of people complaining about the printer is going offline error. This is extremely common for HP printer owners. A lot of companies and personals having HP printers have registered their complaint to HP for HP printer is going offline error.
If you are also one of them, or in the case, you don’t want to be one, here are some easy breezy solutions from our experts that will fix this issue in no time. We have given the step by step procedure to be followed and hence making the entire process super quick and easy.
There are cases when people find printer connectivity issues that lead the printer going to offline mode and you won’t be able to see any problem at all. Out of the multiple reasons for this error, a very common one is a missing or a problematic printer driver.
This issue is quite common among the hp printer Windows 10 users that take place due to printer connectivity issues and leads to setting an active printer to the offline mode, even when are properly connected are operational.
Such a kind of error can be expected in a network printer environment, like a company or an organization, but the same complaint has also been registered by the home HP printer users as well that have a direct printer connection.
Let’s first check the reasons why this problem occurs and then we will directly jump on to the solutions for the same.
Reasons Why HP Printers Go Offline?
In Windows 10, this error took place when it experiences the unavailability of the printer. Although, in a maximum of the cases, it doesn’t know whether the printer is actually offline, it is a connectivity issue or it is some kind of printing error. They can occur in the following situations:
Due to slow or unresponsive connection between the printer and the computer system.
In case of any internal error encountered by your HP printer.
When your printer has a long list of unfinished print jobs waiting for getting finished in the queue.

Solution on How to Fix HP Printer is Going Offline By Our Experts
Reinstalling Printer Drivers

  1. Go to Control Panel and then hit the Device and Printers tab.
  2. Right click after you locate your printer name, and then select the Remove Device option.
  3. A pop up window will appear and you need to select Yes to confirm.
  4. Download the latest HP printer drivers and install it in your system

VPN Connection Issues

  1. For cases when you use network printer or VPN, disconnect your connection from the VPN and try an access your printer.
  2. For using both at the same time, connect your printer to your computer system directly using a USB cable.
  3. In case, if you are still facing the same error message, adjust your VPN configurations.
  4. Switching from one VPN to another and moving to Private Internet Access can also resolve this issue.

Changing Printer Settings

  1. Go to Control Panel and move to Printers tab.
  2. Check for the correct printer to be set as default.
  3. By hitting the right click on your default printer and selecting the print queue you can see what is currently printing.
  4. In case if you see a long list of unfinished tasks, remove them.
  5. In the queue tab, choose Printer then, go to use printer offline option and uncheck it.
  6. Now, unplug the USB cable connecting your printer and the computer system and plug it again.
  7. For network printers, either go for a connection test or you can also restart your router.
  8. Switch your computer system and printer off and then turn them on again.
  9. In the case if you are still facing the same issue, reinstall the HP printer drivers.

Restarting the Printer Spooler

  1. Press Windows Key + R from your system.
  2. A new Run tab  will open. Type services.msc and either hit the Enter button or press Ok.
  3. Find the Print Spooler option, right click on it and select Restart.

Make Changes to The Printer Properties

  1. Open Control Panel and go to the Device and Printers.
  2. Right click on your printer and go to Printer Properties.
  3. Click on the Ports tab. You will see a long list down below.
  4. Choose your printer’s IP address from this given list and then select the Configure Port button.
  5. Go to the SNMP Status Enabled and uncheck it. Now hit he Ok button and save all the changes made.

Installation of the Latest Updates

  1. Press I + Windows Key to open Settings app.
  2. Go to the Update & Security option.
  3. Hit the Check for Update button.

Adding Another Printer

  1. Open Control Panel, then go to Devices and Printers.
  2. Locate your printer name and right click on it. Now choose the printer properties option.
  3. Now, go to Ports tab and click on the Add Port option.
  4. Out of the two options available, choose Standard TCP/IP Port and then hit the New Port button.
  5. Now, in a new window, Printer Port Wizard will start. Hit the next button.
  6. Enter the information asked. You will find them on your HP printer instruction manual.
  7. Click Next.

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