How to Fix HP Printer Carriage Jam Issues?

HP Printer Carriage Jam Issue

During printing, the error message ‘Clear carriage jam and press OK to continue’ appears on the control panel. The error message may also be accompanied by the following symptoms:

The product cannot print.
The carriage has been stuck and is unable to move.
The item creates a lot of grinding noises.

Solutions to Fix HP Printer Carriage Jam Issue

If you have a paper jam, switch off your printer, unplug all cables and wires, and then flip it around to inspect the back. Open the back access door and look for the right-hand tab on the left side of the door. In the same way, the door will now move to the right. Pull the door outwards and outwards to release it, and then slide it leftwards and outwards to lightly remove it.

Check for Any Stuck Paper or Cartridge Path Object: All-in-One Approach to Correct HP Printer Jam Fault

  • After that, turn on the HP printer.
  • Remove the plug from the power supply and disconnect it from the HP printer.
  • Ensure that all connected cables are turned off.
  • To access the cartridge cart, open the printer top.
  • Ensure that the carriage is on the printer’s right side. If this is not the case, manually move the carriage to the right.
  • If the carriage does not move, look for any objects or particles that are obstructing it.
  • Then, if there’s a paper jam or foreign items in the way, you’ll need to clear them out.
  • The cartridge should then be manually moved to the left side. Return the carriage to the right side by repeating the search and clearing any obstacles.
  • Ensure there are no obstacles in the way and close the printer cover.
  • Reconnect the power cable and any other cords that were previously connected. Connect the printer’s power cable as well.
  • Turn the printer on at some point and wait for it to warm up.
  • Conduct a print examination.

Carefully Shift Cartridge & Clear HP Print Cartridge Printheads:

Shift the cartridge back and forth slowly and gently without causing pain to ensure that the print heads are dust-free and in good working order.
If it’s dirty, gently clean it with a soft dry towel.
After that, reconnect the printer to the power supply and do a print scan.
If everything looks good, the problem will be solved by moving on to the next steps.

Reboot The Printing System:

• If the notice “HP printer carriage jam issue” appears on the printing system, consider rebooting the printer and your computer.
• In many circumstances, this approach works because the system is refreshed, which automatically resolves the problem and allows you to start over.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Won’t My Printer Cartridge Move?

When an HP printer cartridge becomes stuck on the right side, it’s frequently due to a paper jam. On the other side, the most typical cause of a paper jam is unnecessarily pushing the paper into the printer. Only push the paper until it encounters resistance. It will force the sheet into the rollers if you continue to shove it in. As a result, the printer accepts numerous pages, resulting in jams.

How can I clear a paper jam in my HP printer?

Inkjet printers from Hewlett-Packard (HP) come in a variety of styles and models. The print papers and photographs in black and white or colour for use at home and in the office. When a piece of paper jams in an inkjet printer, it may cause a jam, causing the printer to push wrinkled and soiled material, or it may stop, forcing you to remove the jammed paper.

How to avoid a paper jam in a printer?

Use regular office paper for this. Because of their unusual size, folded, labelled, and specialty paper can cause jams. Consult your printer’s documentation if you’re unsure which type of paper it accepts.

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