How to Fix HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working on Windows 10?

Fix HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working on Windows 10

HP produces a number of products for convenience of customers. Their HP laptops are known across the world for their high quality and long term usage. The HP laptops are also offered in different types and price ranges for several varied customers.

Sometimes there can arise issues even with the best of devices like the HP laptops. A problem experienced in this scenario is the HP laptop touchpad not working on Windows 10.

It is a commonly experienced problem and should not be a cause for worry, as this can be fixed by following a few simple steps as well. There could be a number of reasons behind why the HP laptop touchpad is not working on Windows 10. First to fix this problem we have to find out just what is causing the problem and then head on to fix the issue.

How to fix the HP laptop touchpad not working on Windows 10

  1. Updating

One way of making sure that you fix the HP laptop touchpad not working on Windows 10 is that you can make sure other software etc is updated. Make sure you update your touchpad driver.
Or in a lot or cases, you can also try uninstalling your touchpad driver and then installing it once again. This might help as well.

Make sure that you switch off your laptop and then restart it after you are done updating your driver software.

2. Diagnostic

In case of further issues, you could also run an HP diagnostic and make sure you find out what the problem exactly is. There are also a number of customer care numbers and helpline options available for you to contact on.

These are 24/7 numbers which can be contacted and the HP customer care services are very responsive as well.

3. Setting

Make sure that your touchpad is not disabled in the properties option of your laptop. Check this before anything else, as sometimes you might need to enable this to get the HP laptop touchpad working again on Windows 10.

4. Function key issue

Sometimes the HP laptop touchpad not working on Windows 10 could happen due to an error while using the laptop itself. And to make sure you fix this you need to access the function key. Make sure you fix the touchpad option from within the function key to ensure that HP laptop touchpad is finally working on Windows 10.

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