How To Fix Canon Printer error code 6c10?

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Fix Canon Printer error code 6c10

Fix Canon Printer error code 6c10

All the people who use printers or any other technical product might be aware of the Canon brand. It has been a well-known installation in a similar sector and has provided the users with the best efficiency and quality. Canon brand produces several products like printers, laptops, scanners, and much more which enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the people using them.

However, the Canon printer might also face a few issues while working which further affects the quality of work. One of the issues which are generally faced by the users is Canon printer error code 6c10. There have been several queries from users asking about how to fix the Canon printer error code 6c10 and get back to normal functioning. Let us move forward and get to know more about the Canon printer error code 6c10 so that the working is not hampered or affected.

Method 1

As the very initial step towards fixing the Canon printer error code 6c10 you must ensure that all the parts are inserted in the right place. Make sure and try to move the printer’s head to the center. Also, disconnect the printer entirely from the power supply. Also, check that no printing paper is stuck inside the printer or the printer head.

Method 2

You may try resetting your Canon printer to revive it back to its normal settings. Further, turn on the power supply for the printer and then press the resume button for about a minute or so. Check if the printer has started working normally or the error code 6c10 is still displayed.

Method 3

You must also check the positioning of the ink cartridges in your printer. For the same, you need to first cut off the power supply for your Canon printer and turn it off entirely. Now you need to open the printer door and see if the cartridge is in the center. When the ink cartridges come to the center position you may close the door and check if their functioning has turned to the normal condition or not.

Method 4

You may also ensure that the existing printer drivers are updated and appropriate for your specific model number. At times the outdated printer drivers become the major reason for Canon printer error code 6c10. To fix the same, you may install the latest version. For this, follow the instructions s below:

  • Open the official website of the Canon brand and search for the most compatible printer drivers for your specific model number.
  • You may download the same from there and then install with processing we run command.
  • The further steps are displayed on your screen which when followed will complete the process.
  • Give your device a few minutes after the installation to revive the conditions and get adapted to the new ones.

Method 5

Try and open the lid of your Canon printer and make sure that the ink cartridges come to the center position. You will now see a row of the white roller at the right side of your printer just behind the carrier in the same location. If you see any small pieces or bits of plastic stick to the roller you need to remove them carefully. You may take a small piece of paper towel and also clean any ink that might be spilled on the base of those plastic pieces. Remove the ink pad after you have done the cleaning process.

You may check for any excess ink that you might find over the small square or the small form pad. Take the paper towel that you have been using and soak it into the foam. Keep repeating this process and soak the entire foam until no ink is collecting on the towel. After you did the process you may close the lid and switch on your printer. Check if the problem is fixed and your printer has started working normally.

In case the problem still exists and you still do not know how to fix the Canon printer error code 6c10 you may contact customer care. You may find all the contact details of the professional experts on the Canon official website which are available for assistance 24*7.

Frequently asked questions

What does the Canon printer error code 6c10 mean?

The Canon printer might face an issue or error code 6c10. This usually occurs due to an error with the cam sensor. You may get rid of this issue within a few minutes by following the required instructions properly.

How can I reset my Canon printer to get rid of any error?

Firstly you need to turn on the Canon printer and press the stop or reset button for a few seconds. Now push the button on your printer that is used to print a color copy and hold it for a few seconds. The Canon printer will now reboot itself and adapt to the new conditions. The Canon printer is successfully reset and the error might have been resolved.

Why does my Canon printer keeps showing error code 6c10s? The Canon printer might show error code 6c10s at times due to some technical error that it might face. You need to check and keep the printer drivers updated to avoid any such issues. Also, make sure that no printing paper is jammed inside the printer head or the ink cartridges have run out of ink. Keep up with the proper condition of the printer to avoid any such issue that might hamper the functioning.

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