How to Find WPS Pin On HP Printer to Connect a Wireless Network

WPS Pin on HP Printer

Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

To connect an HP Printer with other devices, you require a WPS Pin on HP Printer. Today’s HP Printers are wireless, which enables us to print our documents at anytime from anywhere, doesn’t matter where you are. Nowadays, Wireless HP Printers can perform like this by just connecting the printer with WPS PIN code to the personal devices and can print documents globally. 

What Is WPS Pin and Where to find WPS Pin on HP Printer?

What is WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) Pin? WPS is used to establish connections between wireless printers, routers, and other devices. It works as a network security standard, which works for wireless networks, which use a password, and that password is encrypted with WPA or WPA2 Personal Security Protocols. 

After the successful installation of HP Printer drivers in a computer system, if the printer is asking for “WPS Pin,” so it is essential to find WPS Pin on HP Printer to establish a connection between printer with other devices.

Steps to Establishing Connection with Using WPS Button

a) Go to the control panel of the HP Printer and press on the Wireless or Settings Button (Blue Light starts blinking on the printer).

b) Choose the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” option and follow the on-screen instructions displayed on the printer.

c) Select the option “WPS Button,” and then the printer will ask you to press the WPS button on the wireless router.

d) After pressing the WPS button on the wireless router, get back to the printer, and press continue to establish a wireless connection.

e) Now, the printer is ready to print.

Steps to Connect with Using WPS pin

a) Go to the control panel of the HP Printer and press on the Wireless button in the Settings.

b) Choose the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” option and follow the on-screen instructions displaying on the printer.

c) Now, access the wireless router login page or wireless access point, and then enter the WPS PIN.

d) After completing all the setup, install a network printer driver by opening Printer’s HP Folder in All Programs > Printer Setup and Software.

e) Now, select the “Connect a New Printer” option.

f) Now, the printer is ready to print.

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WPS means Wi-Fi protected setup which is used for the setting of a wireless connection between your printer and router. It is an 8 digit password.

The WPS pin can be either in the form of a button or a password of its digits. The eight-digit WPS pin is usually displayed on the printer’s screen. The WPS button might be present on your network router if your printer doesn’t have a screen.

A WPS pin is used to connect your printer to a device wirelessly. You may enter the WPS pin when asked by your device in order to connect them both.

There are two types of WPS pins. It could either be a digit password or a push button on your router. A wireless connection can be made with the use of any two.

Not all the routers have a WPS button but one could be located on the backside of the Linksys device. You may review the product before buying in order to make sure of the presence of a WPS button on it.

WPS pins are present only on the printers that have a display screen. If your printer does not have a display screen you may use the WPS button on your router for the connection.

No, the WPS pin of a printer is only 8 digits. Even when you try connecting the device to your printer it would only allow you to enter It digits only.

Yes, you can. It is not important that your WPS light on the printer would glow all the time. It only closes when it is recently connected to a new network or device and might turn off till the time you connect some other device using the same WPS.

WPS stands for Wi-Fi-protected setup. It is a feature that allows you to connect your printer to a device or router wirelessly. It will allow a connection with only those networks that have WPA or WPA2 security portal encryptions.

Yes, we WPS, and its setup is not very safe. The password is encrypted with wpa2 which is safe until you turn off the wifi. This might also make your device vulnerable to virus attacks.

The WPS connection is quite strong but not very safe as it could be e joined by another person its hi howsoever hacks your password. The other person on the network might intrude on your data.

Yes, WPS pin main gate has as it is vulnerable to several viruses. A person who knows hacking might get access to your details and WPS pin as soon as in 10 to 15 seconds.


No, someone might not be able to see the details that are in your phone but may get access to the files and documents that you might be sending or receiving. However, there are conditions, if the person is a great hacker he might also get your phone details.

If you press the WPS button on your router it will start discovering the devices that are ready for connection wirelessly. You may press the button to connect it to a wireless device.

WPS does not receive the speed of any device or router. The slowdown in your device or router might be caused due to slow internet connection or unstable one.

Wi-Fi direct is something that is used to connect two devices, while the WPS or wireless protected setup is used to connect two devices safely and wirelessly

A Wi-Fi-protected setup for WPS button is present on your modern to connect it with devices with a secure wireless network easily.

You may reset the WPS on your router by turning on the router first. Now keep pressing the reset or the WPS button on the router for about 10 seconds or tell the time SYS LED starts glowing or flashing at a rapid speed. Your brutal will now get back to its default factory settings

Tap on the “Remote” and click on the “Settings” choice. After this, select the alternative named “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. Follow the steps or instructions that are now shown on screen and then later, enter the pin when asked and simply tap on ‘ok’.

The WPS represents the Wifi ensured setup and it was intended to make the setting safe and less complex for the normal user. When the WPS Pin is discovered the user can utilize it to discover the WPA2 password. In this way, the WPS pin assists with getting to the WiFi passcode to set up the remote arrangement.


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