How to Find WPS Pin For HP 4520 Printer Model

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WPS Pin For HP 4520 Printer

WPS Pin For HP 4520 Printer Model

There are a couple of ways in which one can setup a Wi-Fi connection. One of the popular or common ways in which this is done, is the WPS pin method. There is also the wireless wizard setup option which is used by some people. Now this is done and is included in a number of printers which are made today.
A wi-fi operated printer has become a necessity in this day and age, especially considering its many benefits include convenience in terms of usage. Therefore, it also helps to have a printer which is operated in this manner. It precludes the possibility of more wires, cables leading to further problems. Besides, more than anything the printer works faster when it is set up in this manner too.

WPS Pin Method

The WPS method being a common method, can also be done in two different ways. There is the WPS button and then the WPS Pin. In the first case of the WPS Button, this is something which is usually located on top of the printer. The way that it is setup is that when the printer is switched on, after this, the button will flicker for a little time.
When the initiation process has been done and the connection has been made, only then will the WPS button stop flickering. You can try to do sample print runs to check whether or not the printer connection has been made.
The second option is to connect to the internet by using the WPS pin method. This method entails having details, SSID passcode etc. which are required to make this connection. Keep them handy as you will need to enter the passcode. You have to switch on the WiFi protected setup of your device and then move on to the pop-ups which materialize on the screen.

Make sure that you follow instructions given and then type in your SSID as well as passcode. Once this is done, then it will take time some time for the internet connection to be established completely. After this has been done, now you need to go to the Printers folder option and choose the name of the printer which you want to connect. Choose the correct printer as the printing directions are going to go to that printer too.

Your connection process with the WPS will now be completed and you can proceed with your printing.

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