How to Connect iPad to HP printer Wireless?

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Connect iPad to HP printer Wireless

Connect iPad to HP printer Wireless

All the Apple devices like iPhones, iPods and iPads have a common feature called as AirPrint. This feature let the Apple device connect to any of the wireless printer using a wireless network connection for printing documents or photos directly from the Apple device.

For letting your iOS supported device to print and use the wireless printer either from your iPhone or iPods or iPads, you have to configure your printer with your wireless network.The procedure to connect iPad to HP printer wireless has been mentioned below.

Steps for Connecting iPad to HP Printer Wireless

  1. Turn on the WiFi on your Apple device.
  2. Look if there is a mark present next to your WiFi network or not?
  3. In case, if your Apple device is connected to some other network, then click on your network name to connect your Apple device to it.
  4. Now, check for the printer network connection status.
  5. Either click on the Wireless icon or go to the Network Settings or on the Setup menu to check the connection status of your printer.
  6. The above mentioned method works only for the HP printers with touchscreen control panel.
  7. Press the Wireless and Information button at the same time or you can also click on the Wireless and Start Black Copy button simultaneously for getting the connection status of your printer for the HP printers without touchscreen control panel.
  8. If your printer is now connected to the network, you can start printing photos or documents from your Apple device.
  9. For the cases when the printer is not yet connected, follow the below steps.
  10. For connecting your printer to the network, check for the printer connection status.
  11. For Touchscreen Control Panel: Open either Setup, Network or Wireless menu on your printer and then click on the Wireless Setup Wizard. Now, follow the instructions given on the screen to setup a connection between your printer and the local network.
  12. For Without Touchscreen Panel: Hold on and press the Cancel button along with the Wireless button together until you see the light flashing on the power button and wait for the light on the wireless button to flash.

Detailed Explanation

Turn on your printer and check if your HP printer supports wireless printing option or not? Now, for connecting your iPad to the printer, press the Control key along with the F key in Windows and Command key + the F key for Mac operating systems. After doing this, type the printer model number, this speeds up the connection.

Now, for connecting your printer to the local wireless network or the WiFi, make sure that neither your HP printer is should be connected to any other computer using Bluetooth nor it should be connected to an Ethernet cable or to a router. Discard the ethernet cables if connected. For disconnecting the Bluetooth connection, please go through the printer manual once, as the procedure for the Bluetooth connection and disconnection differs for different models. Check for the WiFi status of the printer. In case, if your printer is not yet connected to the WiFi, then go to the menu option on the HP printer and choose WiFi for a strong connection option.

Now go to your iPad and open the settings option. Hit the Settings app icon and click on the WiFi button given at the top left corner of the screen. This will open the menu option on your iPad. Now, you have to check that whether the printer and your iPad are connected to the same local network or not? If they are connected to the same network, then open the photo application on your iPad and click on the photo you wish to print.

Tap on the share icon shown on the corner of the screen, a pop up menu will be displayed. Click on the print option from this menu, the print menu will get open. Now choose the print options. Now, click on Printer on the field menu. You will get a lost of printers. You have to choose your printer name and then hit the print button from the top right corner of the screen to proceed print command.

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