How to Connect HP Printer to Laptop with USB?

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hp printer to laptop with usb

A USB cable is something that is designed for standardizing the peripheral device connections with the computer system. The hardware devices that can be connected to a computer system or laptop includes keyboards, scanners, mouse, pointing devices, printers and more to establish a connection with the system and also for electric power supply.

There are a lot of printers that don’t have a printer port. In such cases, USB is no less than a blessing. You can easily connect your printer to the laptop using a USB cable. Here is the guide given that can help you connect an HP printer to a laptop with USB easily and without any hassle.

Steps for Connecting HP Printer to Laptop with USB

There are only a few steps that are needed to make a connection between an HP printer and laptop using a USB cable. So, let’s begin:

  • The very first step is to prepare the printer for setup.
  • Next is to check if the printer is turned on or not? In case if it is not, please turn it on.
  • Now, take a USB cable, and search for the available printer port on your laptop.
  • In case if you have connected via a dock station or a USB hub, the chances of the printer not operating efficiently is high due to insufficient power.
  • For the situation when you have already connected the USB cable to your laptop even before installing the HP drivers, follow the down below procedure:
  • Remove the USB cable from the connected laptop.
  • Install the HP drivers.
  • Connect back the USB cable when a pop up message appears on your laptop screen asking for the same.
  • In a laptop with Windows, search for Device
  • Now click on Devices and Printers options that can be seen under the Control Panel
  • Right click on the printer model number that you are using and click on the Remove button
  • Remove the multiple printer icons
  • Now for proceeding further, close the Devices and Printers.
  • Start installing the HP printer driver and setup a connection.
  • Visit HP’s website and enter your printer model number.
  • Now follow all the instructions given on the screen that is needed for downloading the printer drivers.
  • After the download is completed, open the downloaded exe file and initiate the setup.

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