How to Connect HP Deskjet 2622 to WiFi?

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Connect HP Deskjet 2622 to WiFi

To learn how you can connect HP Deskjet 2622 to WiFi, all you need to do is to follow the given below procedure carefully. Just check on if you have the network name and password with you or not? Also, make sure that your printer, router and computer system are powered on and are on working mode. 

Steps For HP Deskjet 2622 Wireless Setup 

  • Switch on your printer and your system. 
  • Set up your broadband connection. 
  • Turn the network router on for establishing the wireless connection. 
  • Connect the computer system with the router. 
  • Remove the USB cable from your computer or your printer, if any present. 
  • Visit to the official website of the printer manufacturer for installing HP Easy Start. 
  • Choose your printer name and tap on the wireless connection. 
  • Last is to install the printer drivers on your system. 

Detailed Procedure for Connecting HP Deskjet 2622 to WiFi 

In case, if your printer fails to make a connection with your wireless router then check if the router connection is enabled or not and also if it has the required high speed connectivity or not? You can also reset the printer network settings and can get it up to the Setup mode in case if it is not connecting to the WiFi. After the printer resetting is done, try connecting the printer to the WiFi again. 

After turning on your router and setting up the broadband connection, start to set up the network connection on your printer. It is highly recommended by the HP printers that you use a stable and a high speed broadband connection for downloading the printer drivers, software and firmware and also for updating all of them. Make sure to protect your network with a name and password. 

For resetting the network setting, you need to press the Wireless button and the Cancel button five times. Now, you can give a long press of like 4 to 5 seconds to the Wireless icon given on your printer for enabling the WPS mode. Now the printer timer of two minutes starts. 

Now open the HP Easy Start software by doubling clicking on it and accept the End User License Agreement. After doing so, hit the continue button. 

In the next step, the software will automatically starts searching for the nearby printers. Make sure that the printer and the router are under the same network connection. Once you get the pop up window asking you for selecting the printer, click on your printer name. In case, if your printer name is not shown, then opt for the “My printer is not shown” option. If the name of your printer is present there, then select it and hit on the continue button. Also make sure to select the checkbox, given next to the Enable Auto Wireless Connect option and then hit the continue button. 

You have to wait until the software is connecting your printer to the same network on which your system is connected. After the connection is done, the HP Easy Start will start searching for the printer driver and the software supported by your printer model. You can download them online from the printer manufacturers website by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. 

When you are asked about choosing the connection method, opt for the wireless connection method. If the software asks you to connect an USB cable, then connect your printer and your computer system using an USB cable and connection and the installation process. 

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