How to Connect Computer Devices?

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How tConnect Computer Devices

Connect Computer Devices

Peripheral devices are the most vital things for a computer system. You won’t be able to communicate to a computer without any external hardware devices like a keyboard, mouse, touchpad, and others. Below are the steps that you can follow to connect computer devices to your system.

Connecting Printer to The Computer System

There are multiple ways of connecting a printer to the computer system. All you need to do is to check if your printer supports the wired or wireless connection.

Wired Connection

  • If your printer supports wired connection, you need to connect one end of the cable to the wired router and the other to the printer rear.
  • Watch for the green light to be stable on your router and the orange light should keep on blinking. This means the connection has been established.

Wireless Connection

  • For everyone searching for how to connect printer to WiFi, here is the guide on how to setup to wifi.
  • Now, type the name of the network and enter the network password.

Common Steps

  • No matter what method of connection you have used, the next steps are going to be the same.
  • Wait for a few seconds to a minute for letting the printer establish the connection.
  • In case if the connection is not establishing, you need to install the printer driver available on the official website of the printer brand.

How to Install a Wireless Keyboard?

  • Insert the receiver to the USB port present on your computer system or laptop.
  • Wait for the pop-up to appear.
  • Search for the ON/OFF button present on the keyboard.
  • Insert the batteries into your keyboard, if required.
  • Turn the keyboard on and hit the Connect button is given at the top.

Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Hit Settings icon.
  • Click on Devices and then on Bluetooth.
  • Turn the keyboard on.
  • Have a look at the list of Bluetooth devices available.
  • Choose the keyboard name from the list click on the pair option to establish the connection between them.

Connecting Wireless Mouse

  • Check for your computer system is compatible with the wireless mouse.
  • Unbox your wireless mouse from its original packaging carefully.
  • Insert the batteries in the battery slot provided in the wireless mouse.
  • Search for the ON button given on your wireless mouse. Hit it turn it on.
  • Now, hit the press button present on your mouse.
  • No installation requirement for the software or the driver is needed for plug and play wireless mouse.
  • When the cursor starts moving, the mouse is successfully connected.

Connecting Webcam to Computer System

  • You can connect to the webcam using a USB port.
  • A lot of webcams come with a USB cable to attach them to the computer.
  • Connect the USB cable’s one end to the USB port given on your computer system.
  • For Windows, the USB will automatically get detected by the operating system as it detects new hardware automatically.
  • Wait for the message to get displayed.
  • Now, your device is ready for use.
  • Install the camera driver by either inserting disc into the computer system or by downloading the drivers online.
  • Now, start following the instructions shown on the screen of your computer to complete the installation process.
  • Once the setup gets completed, go to the Start button and locate the program for the webcam.
  • Double click on the webcam program to open it.
  • Go to the camera icon.
  • Wait until the application screens video inputs from the webcam in the full screen mode.
  • Choose either the option to take a snap or the one to record video footage.
  • Again, select on the video to stop recording it.

How to Connect Scanner to Computer

  • Unbox the scanner carefully.
  • It should have a power cable, USB cable, scanner and a CD for installation.
  • Take the power cable and connect it to the power outlet from the one end and to the system on the other end.
  • Now, take the USB cable and connect one of its ends to the scanner port and the other one to the USB port of the computer system.
  • Press the power button given on the scanner to turn it on.
  • Search the list of available devices if the scanner name is present there or not?
  • If yes, click on the name to connect.

If not, install the scanner driver on the system and follow all the instructions given on the screen to complete the scanner installation process Connect Computer Devices .

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