Why Is My Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages?

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Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

It is always a fantastic experience to try and use new products from the Canon brand. Canon has established its name in the sector of technical products by the features, amazing quality and effective usability. All the Canon brand manufactures products have an acknowledgement of their own and trust that the customers put in. It is well known for most of its products, including laptops, printers, scanners, cameras, and a lot more.

Everything has shifted to an online mode in the present times, and hence it becomes necessary to cope up with the technical advancements. Things are made easier with the assistance of technology, and brands like Canon make things much more effortless for the customers. However, despite all the benefits and highlights of the Canon printers, it faces a few issues according to the complaints by the customers. One of the most common problems that somehow hampers the users’ proper work experience is the canon printer prints blank pages issue. The problem is quite minor but could act as a significant drawback if not solved at the right time.

Hence in this article, we will know about how to fix the canon printer printing blank pages issue and resume the work normally. It is important to understand a few things before moving on with the solutions, one of which includes the major reasons.

Suppose we know about the actual reasons why my printer prints blank pages canon, then the solutions could be made easier. Therefore let us look and understand the common reasons or causes of the issue to make things much easier and convenient for the users.

  • There are high chances that the document you are printing has blank pages in between. Hence make sure that you check the entire document before working out the solutions.
  • The cartridges that are installed in your printer might be displaced or have leakage issues. You should clean the cartridges with clean cotton to avoid something of a similar sort in future as well.
  • The ink cartridges might not have the required levels to print a specific document. There are chances that the ones installed are not original, which hampers the usual working. Hence you should look out for the same and consider replacing these with the new original ones.
  • The breather tape might not be removed from the ink cartridges during installation.
  • The printer drivers might have been outdated, which leads to the canon printer prints blank pages issue.

How to fix canon printer printing blank pages?

Now that we know about the few reasons that might have caused the canon printer just printing blank pages issue, let us move forward with solutions.

Such an issue could also arise due to the blockage in vacuum due to the ink cartridges. Hence let us understand how to fix canon printer printing blank pages during such conditions and avoid any further hampering.

  • Go to the device and make sure the canon printer is connected.
  • From the start menu of the device, go to the control panel.
  • A new window opens on the screen where you need to select the devices and printers option amongst all the others present.
  • A list of devices connected or nearby would appear on the screen, among which you need to right-click on your specific printer name.
  • Click on the option ‘properties’ and go to the device settings simultaneously.
  • Under the section ‘characteristics; of your canon printer, you may click the preferences option.
  • Now select the ‘services’ alternative and then hit on the option named clean printhead from the references section. It is possible that you will need to select the same option numerous times for proper cleaning of the printhead.
  • Now open the maintenance tab and select the option nozzle check.

By now, you would have understood why my canon printer is printing blank pages and the solutions for the same. You may confirm the proper functioning after the process explained above and give a sample print command. Make sure you follow the above instructions in the right manner. However, if you still face any issues or have queries related to why my printer prints blank pages, you may contact the Canon experts online. The contact details of the technical professionals are mentioned on the Canon official website, and their assistance can be accessed on a 24/7 basis. The canon website also allows the feature of an online chatbox on its website to allow instant solutions for your issues or queries.

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