Connect HP Officejet 5255 to WI-FI

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Here are the steps to connect your HP Officejet 5255 to Wi-Fi:

  1. Turn on your HP Officejet 5255 printer and ensure that it’s loaded with paper.
  2. Press the Wireless button on the printer control panel. The wireless light will start blinking.
  3. On your computer or mobile device, go to the Wi-Fi settings and select the network name (SSID) that matches the name of your printer.
  4. If prompted, enter the Wi-Fi network password. This is the same password you use to connect other devices to your Wi-Fi network.
  5. Once connected, the wireless light on the printer will stop blinking and remain lit.
  6. If your printer doesn’t automatically install drivers, you may need to download and install them manually from the HP website.
  7. Test the connection by printing a test page from your computer or mobile device.

If you’re still having trouble connecting your HP Officejet 5255 printer to Wi-Fi, refer to the printer manual or contact HP customer support for assistance.